1 UTS Arch. Design Hybrids
Design & Rendering by Jake Kelly

UTS Arch. Design Integration 2012

11234 Architectural Design: Integration
Hybrids #2

“An architectural hybrid manifests itself through a specific programmatic strategy based on the complexity and variety of interdependent programs, with the ability to create unscripted relationships and unplanned activities as a result of programmatic juxtapositions.
Space / time / density:
The notion of spatial and temporal density is fundamental. Architectural hybrids seek intensive and extensive use
(24/7) and feed on dense environments with land use limitations.
Each architectural hybrid is defined by a specific and most of the time unique programmatic mix, which makes it difficult to attempt to classify hybrid buildings by types. The notion of historical typologies does not apply.
By mixing programs hybrids require size and height. They can be super-buildings, super-blocks, and mega-structures;
hybrids connect architectural and urban scales /strategies as well as public spaces of a new kind.” Frank Minnaert

Casual Academic Studio Tutor:


University of Technology Sydney
Third Year, Second Semester, 2012

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