1 Ningaloo Reef Eco Resort

2 Ningaloo Reef Eco Resort

3 Ningaloo Reef Eco Resort

Ningaloo Reef Eco Resort

Eco Resort catering for 20 rooms/units, accommodating a maximum of 40 guests also incorporating: Restaurant and bar facilities; reception areas and parking; staff and management quarters; ancillary services and facilities.

The competition focused on the Cape Range National Park near Exmouth, about 1200 kilometres north of Perth. The area is appreciated locally, nationally and internationally for its significant natural and cultural heritage qualities. The park is on the western side of the Exmouth peninsula adjoining the Ningaloo Marine Park, one of the longest fringing reefs in the world. In its remoteness and fragility it contains many characteristics that make it a prototypical site for sustainable tourism within Australia’s coastal environment. The specific competition site comprised a parcel of land between two creek beds on the lower terrace of the western side of the Cape Range National Park, approximately two kilometres from the coast.

Competition Design:

Sky Renderings:

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia.
Competition 2007

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