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Chilli House: Renovation 

The original modest brief for this project was for additional kitchen storage necessary to cook delicious Thai meals. Through investigation and discussion we realised that the home needed some reworking to unify the two main narratives of the users; a passionate cook and a retired academic. This lead to the design and construction of a brightly coloured generous kitchen and a comfortable light-filled timber-lined study. These new spaces were enclosed within an upgraded weatherboard clad rear lean-to volume. The resultant courtyard was quickly filled with a lush collection of staghorns and orchids.

The northern neighbouring building was an ever present consideration and was utilised as one wall to the rear outdoor space covered by a large retractable fabric awning.
The uniqueness of the clients was at the forefront of all design discussions and also an inspiration for the decision to approach the pre-eminent portraiture and fashion photographer Rafal Gaweda. His brief was to capture the transformation in the lives of the users occupying the new spaces.

The couple were a delight to work with and supported us in exploring some wild colour choice and juxtapositions. The eye popping yellow kitchen cabinet was selected from the ever present 8m Stanley tape measure, the red interiors to the open shelves a prerequisite Thai inclusion and the exterior scheme of multiple shades of green is a contemporary take on classic peppermint.


Structural Engineer: BIRZULIS ASSOCIATES
Photography: RAFAL GAWEDA

Albion Street, Waverley, NSW
Construction Complete 2014

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